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Smily liste

smily liste

Liste {{S|:P}} oder {{Smiley|Zunge}}, ätsch. {{S|:/}} oder {{Smiley|ähm}}: / {{S| teufel}} oder {{Smiley|Teufel}}, Teufel. {{S|:'(}} oder. Aug. Die Emoji-Piktogramme stammen ursprünglich aus Japan und werden dort seit langem als Emoticons ähnlich der hierzulande üblichen. Okt. Sonderzeichen 🔥 für Facebook durch Kopieren oder 📝Tastenkombinationen werten deine Beiträge auf und verschaffen dir eine höhere.

liste smily -

Erleichtertes Lächeln und sanfter Gesichtsausdruck: Unsere Beine tragen uns im Laufe unseres Lebens Kann auch verwendet werden, um anderen zu signalisieren einen Gang runter zu schalten oder eine Sache langsam angehen zu lassen. Anwendungen wie Facebook erzeugen aus den Symbolen die bunten Grafiken , die abhängig vom verwendeten Gerät etwas anders aussehen können. Reaktion auf ein Kompliment oder eine schmeichelnde Nachricht, die man nicht erhalten wollte. Chris Putnam, berühmter Facebook Hacker: Der Schädel mit gekreuzten Knochen ist ein Symbol des Todes. Czaja seit über nationale und internationale Medien Projekte realisiert. Emoji zeigt zwei Hände, die klatschen. Hallo Tanja, das beschriebene Smiley wurde in der Liste hinzugefügt.

An ugly figure with horns, chasing evil souls. Traditional disguise on New Year's Eve to ward off evil spirits. Has supernatural powers and brings forth disaster.

The red mask has eyebrows and a beard and a noticeably long nose. Made-up clown face from the circus world. The comic version of a pile of feces.

Can describe a situation, replace the swear word, or criticize a statement of the chat partner. Symbol for Halloween or jokingly for creepy things, e.

The skull emoji is used in unpleasant situations or to symbolize terrible things. Can stand for a real threat, but can also be used sarcastically or humorously.

The death's head with crossed bones is a symbol of death. A warning sign for toxic substances and hazards. Symbol for an extraterrestrial being.

However, smiles friendly and comes in peace. It's like being remotely controlled and working like a robot. Can also be used for deadhearted people or refer to artificial intelligence and sci-fi movies.

Means fun and smirking, mostly used by cat lovers. The cattiness might stand for femininity. The eyes are smiling, it's grinning broadly and very satisfied.

The chat partner can have fun with this cat. Is enthusiastic and helpless with laughter. Something is extremely funny or silly.

You are relieved and have tears of joy in your eyes. Is very much in love or very grateful for a friendly service. Likes something very much and expresses admiration that way.

It mocks you, is sarcastic or having fun at your expense. Might fancy a flirt. However, you had better be cautious.

Its lips are pointed and it wants to kiss you. Cats have a reputation for being very choosy and tend to show affection rather reluctantly.

It has got hollow, white eyes and is holding its paws next to the mouth. Needs a break right now. Reaction to something scandalous or shocking.

A tear is running down the cheek. Just received bad news. The corners of the mouth and the whiskers are pointing downwards. Is in a bad mood, frustrated, and has turned away angrily.

Known as the Grumpy Cat, a grumpy-looking cat that became an Internet phenomenon. Represents affection and openness.

Could also stand for a hug. Hands are stretched upwards to celebrate. Is having a party, dancing wildly and friskily. Is in a good mood or having a lot of fun.

Emoji shows two clapping hands. Is mostly used for expressing consent and appreciation. Hand with thumb turned up. Stands for commitment, agreement and approval!

In Arab countries, this is interpreted as showing the two fingers. Thumb turned down stands for rejection, disapproval and dislike.

Also known as the false death myth meaning with Roman gladiators. Welcome between friends or gesture of agreement. Can also be interpreted as a threatening punch.

The raised fist implies power and strength. Stands for something you believe in. Casual form of greeting. The hand gesture is used to greet friends as a sign of respect as well as approval or congratulation.

Children usually use this gesture to annihilate a promise or oath. Symbol of peace, which became known in the 60s by the hippies. In Great Britain, can be seen in an insulting way as a woman with spread-out legs.

The ILY sign mainly conveys a general, positive message. Little finger and forefinger are forming horns. The metal horn is a gesture of metal rock fans.

Trigger finger shows to the left. Is meant to point in a certain direction, indicate something or mark the important part of a message.

Draws your attention to something following or wants to remind you of something. Can also be an admonishing wiggling of the trigger finger.

Wants to draw attention to something. You want to draw attention to something: Could also be a gesture of instruction.

Someone has an announcement to make or something important to say. Someone wants to draw attention to himself, e. A hand sign based on sacred Jewish letters.

Live long and in peace. Have a good trip! A friendly waving hand. Can be used as a welcome or farewell. Or sarcastically, if you wished someone or something would disappear.

Also used in connection with doing sports, e. Is related to writing. I'll contact you and write a message to you. There will be a test in school.

Is currently very introverted, saying a prayer, or hoping for enlightenment. Is mostly used in conjunction with relationships or for expressing approval.

The lipstick beautifies millions of women's lips worldwide. The signal color red is associated with passion, liveliness and attractiveness.

Stands for parties, fashion and fun. Often also combined with e. Would like to give you a kiss, thereby leaving an imprint of the lipstick.

Can be used to reinforce a joke or to tease and provoke. I am in a good mood and ready for jokes! The ear is also one of the erotic zones of man and woman.

Emoji indicates that something has a strong scent. Depending on the context, this may be nice or unpleasant. Also used as a symbol for a baby's feet, or: I'm on the way!

Something is interesting to watch or is being observed. In ancient cultures often a religious sign, such as the eye of Horus or the evil eye in the Orient.

Two eyes are looking to the left. Something is being watched or checked. Can refer to rumors or to a person who likes to talk a lot.

The news is already circulating! Represents anonymity, secrets and unknown things. Is often used as a symbol for a user or a guest profile in software or with computers.

A friend you can rely on is standing behind you. Also symbolizes a community or group. Emoji can indicate an imminent pregnancy or the desire for a child.

Represents youth and a happy childhood. Is related to children, childhood and family. Can also be used to signal that someone is behaving childishly.

The emoji shows an adult female face. Refers to gender and can be used for a mother through a businesswoman to the female neighbor. Simple and common emoji.

Can generally be used for men, e. A friendly elderly woman with glasses and a bun. Can refer to a family member or the nice, elder neighbor. Represents aging in general, a father figure, the grandfather, possibly a teacher.

The emoji can express how you feel after a hard day or call your chat partner old-fashioned. Often used in police context.

Got caught driving faster than a speeding bullet. Or is investigating a case, getting to the bottom of something! Used in connection with hard physical work.

Sometimes he uses a magnifying glass to closely inspect evidence. The covered face stands for confidentiality or secrecy. I will solve the mystery!

Refers to the bride herself, a marriage or a soon-to-be wedding. Can be used for invitations, wedding anniversary, planning a celebration or looking for a wedding dress.

The dream of all little girls. You can be happy if a man sends you this emoji, because then you are his princess. Only a man's love can free the mermaid from her fate.

Is grateful because of something and deeply bows to you. Can also be an offering of reverence. The service-oriented and friendly woman at the information desk answers a customer's question and uses a hand gesture.

Can be used as a question at the end of a message: Woman with crossed arms. Shows that something is wrong and disruptive. A signal to stop.

Woman with hands above her head OK sign. Wants to tell you that everything is fine. Represents advocacy and approval.

Because of the posture also known as ballerina. Wants to be noticed and to say that he or she has a question or an answer.

Can also be used if you are embarrassed for someone else. The shrug of the shoulders shows ignorance, confusion or the lack of interest in something.

Emoji pouts and openly shows its displeasure. Could be an indication that someone is angry and annoyed. Her expression is very distressed and sad.

Could indicate sad news. The use of a sauna serves for relaxation and promotes good health. In Scandinavia and Russia, it even serves for cultivating social contacts.

Can stand for beauty in general, femininity or a manicure appointment. Represents casualness and carefreeness. In general stands for fun and joy.

Someone had a great time or would like to party in a club. Represents events of all kinds that can be danced at. These models represent the American Playboy magazine for men and globally stand for attractiveness.

Can be used as a symbol for a ghost. Can also be used to tell others to cool their jets or to slow things down.

Someone is late or in a hurry and is running to quicker get from one place to another. Couple in love is standing side by side.

Man and woman are holding hands, beaming happily. They could be best friends or siblings. Emoji could also explicitly stand for the same-sex female love.

Two men holding hands. Can stand for friendship or represent a gay couple. A couple in love man and woman next to each other.

Both are happy and laughing. The heart represents love. They would love to kiss now. The pink heart stands for love.

You start a family or are invited to a party in the inner circle. The feminine garment can be worn on many occasions. Whether casually in your leisure time or businesslike at work.

The blouse can represent fashion and femininity. You need new t-shirts, the girlfriend wants to go shopping. At the so-called wet t-shirt contest the female participants are soused with water.

As dungarees, because of the robustness or as casual wear, because of the offhandedness. The blue jeans can stand for fashion, casual look or shopping.

There is something to celebrate and the man is dressing up. Whether dress with spaghetti straps in summer, evening dress for the chic event or party dress for the club.

Represents fashion, shopping or beauty. The bikini is a symbol of summer, sun and fun. The kimono is worn by both men and women. Symbol of Japanese culture or cuisine as well as travel to Japan.

Men are sexually attracted by red high heels. Wants to go out and experience something exciting. Represents beautiful and warm days, balmy summer nights or holidays.

The men's shoe can be worn at work, for going out or in leisure time. On average, men own 8 pairs of shoes, women Also known from Monopoly. Often made of straw, with wide brim and ribbon.

Symbol for summer and vacation. In many cultures symbol of social status. The black, square hat with a tassel is also called graduation hat, bachelor hat or scholar hat.

The graduates collectively toss up their hats at the ceremony after having obtained their academic degrees. Symbol for graduation of school or examinations, and for education.

The protective helmet can refer to rescue workers or people working in emergency services. Is also known as king emoji.

The small, chic bag only offers space for the bare essentials and is carried in the hand. This stylish accessory is perfect for parties, business events or other important events.

The glasses help people with poor eyesight to better see their environment. Some people wear glasses to look intellectual or intelligent. Symbol for bookworms or nerds.

Symbol for hot, sunny days but also for coolness and distinctive mark of agents. With dark glasses, other people can be watched unnoticed.

You had better take an umbrella with you. In Asia, it not only protects from rain, but also from the sun. Grinning Face The happy smiling face is one of the most common emojis and universally applicable: Smiling Face I am as merry as a lark!

Smiling Face With Halo Would like to express its possibly pretended innocence. Slightly Smiling Face A light smile means you are satisfied with yourself and the world.

Upside-Down Face Don't take me seriously! Winking Face Smiley blinks mischievously with one eye. Relieved Face Everything went well!

Face Throwing a Kiss Smiley sends you a loving kiss that comes from the heart. Kissing Face The face sends kisses to another person. Face Savouring Delicious Food Bon appetit!

Face With Stuck-Out Tongue Horseplay with friends, weakening an ironic remark and making sure that the other does not take seriously what has been said.

Crazy Face Something is insanely funny. Face With Monocle A monocle is a visual aid with only one glass. Nerd Face Huge glasses, awkward smile and buck teeth.

Face With Sunglasses I'm the king of the world! Unamused Face The grumpy, sullen gaze expresses dissatisfaction. Disappointed Face Face is drooping and directed downwards.

Pensive Face A pensive expression on the face. Worried Face Worried looking face due to a complicated situation or important event. Confused Face Is confused or does not agree with something.

Frowning Face Face with very sad mouth angle. Suffering Face Emoji is struggling and suffering. Confounded Face How on earth could that happen? Tired Face Overtired emoji with narrowed eyes and open mouth.

Weary Face Leave me alone! Crying Face Smiley with drooping eyebrows is sad and crying. Loudly Crying Face Emoji is both very sad and distraught, or is dying of laughter.

Face With Look of Triumph White steam clouds are coming out of the smiley's nose. Angry Face Smiley is upset, angry, and totally furious.

Pouting Face The pouting face expresses displeasure with a person or situation. Face With Exploding Head I cannot believe it.

Flushed Face Person is shocked, in an uncomfortable situation or has made a mistake. Face Screaming in Fear Horror-stricken face with two hands, screaming.

Fearful Face Scared smiley is frightened and stunned. Disappointed but Relieved Face Is relieved that something is over, but also disappointed.

Face With Cold Sweat Stress or worry about a bad experience. Hugging Face Smiley with red cheeks is stretching out its hands toward you.

Thinking Face The thinker's pose: Lying Face As with Pinocchio, the nose becomes longer with each lie, which exposes him as a liar. Face Without Mouth Emoji without a mouth.

Expressionless Face Face without any emotional expression, with closed eyes and mouth. Grimacing Face This is really embarrassing for me now! Face With Rolling Eyes Smiley is rolling its eyes.

Speechless Face Oh my goodness! Anguished Face Something unexpected happened! Astonished Face That's incredible, I had no idea!

Sleeping Face Good night and sweet dreams! Drooling Face Slobbering face, the saliva flowing from the corner of the mouth.

Sleepy Face Emoji is dead tired and would love to sleep now. Dizzy Face I feel dizzy! Zipper-Mouth Face Smiley with zipper instead of a mouth is keeping a secret for itself.

Nauseated Face Disgusted smiley, which is already green with sickness and nausea. Sneezing Face A sneezing face with eyes closed, blowing its nose into a handkerchief.

Face With Medical Mask The mask is for protection. Face With Thermometer The sad face with the thermometer in the mouth expresses illness.

Face With Head Bandage Sad looking face with head bandage: Money-Mouth Face Smiley has dollar signs in its eyes, the tongue is a banknote.

Face With Cowboy Hat Howdy! Smiling Face With Horns Mischievously grinning goblin smiley with small devil horns. There is a plugin if you want to retain the option.

Smileys may have been disabled by your Wordpress admin. Type a space before and after your smiley text. That prevents the smiley being accidentally included in the text around it.

Make sure not to use quotes or other punctuation marks before and after the smiley text. Note that smileys is spelled 'eys' in this documentation and the directory name for the smiley images is ' smilies , spelled 'ies'.

That will replace http: Some FTP programs have an auto-detect setting which will upload files in the correct format without user intervention.

If you have such a setting, turn it on. The smiley images in WordPress are automatically given a CSS class of wp-smiley when they are displayed in a post.

You can use this class to style your smileys differently from other post images. For example, it's not uncommon to set up images in a post to appear on the left-hand side of the content with text flowing around the image.

The CSS for that might look like this:.

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Smily liste -

Hi Emely, die Bedeutung der verschieden farbigen Herzen, rot, violett, gelb und weitere, wurden hinzugefügt. Er verschisst seine Liebespfeile die in das Herz eindringen, er kann Freude und Kummer bringen. Japanischer Kobold Tengu wörtlich: Danach wird man auf eine nicht funktionierende Seite weitergeleitet, es stehen keine Smileys dort zur Verfügung! Kann bedeuten dich möchte jemand ins Kino einladen. Hat die rosa Schleife eine bestimmte Bedeutung? Das feminine Kleidungsstück kann zu vielen Anlässen getragen werden. Das gruselige Emoji kann auch ironisch oder als Symbol für Halloween verwendet werden. Victory oder Peace Zeichen mit Stern dahinter, hat das eine spezielle Bedeutung? Die Pistole ist jetzt mit Bedeutung in der Liste zu finden. Das Emoji steht weltweit für Frieden. Kann auch eine Ehrerbietung sein. Symbol für Sommer und Urlaub. Jemand befindet sich im Krankenhause, muss zum Arzt oder hat sich eine Krankheit eingefangen. Wird auch ironisch verwendet oder etwas ist so lustig, dass man sich darüber totlacht. Also known from Monopoly. On average, men own 8 pairs of shoes, women Tears are pouring out of the eyes like a waterfall. You are relieved and have smily liste of joy in your eyes. Upside-Down Face Don't take me seriously! Overwhelmed and speechless after meeting someone you like a lot. Face With Cowboy Hat Howdy! The emoji can express how you feel after a hard day online casino direktauszahlung call your chat partner old-fashioned. The graduates collectively toss up their hats at the ceremony after having obtained eishockey sport 1 academic degrees. Represents injury, pain or defeat. The angelic face can also be used humorously for rather not so good deeds or behaviors. The protective helmet can refer to rescue workers or people working in emergency services. In comics or cartoons, zZz above the head stands for sleeping characters. Frowning Person Emoji shows a altes casino with a frown. Das verdeckte Gesicht steht für Geheimhaltung oder Heimlichtuerei. Stirnrunzelnde Person Emoji zeigt eine Frau mit gerunzelter Stirn. Bei der Nachricht handelt es sich entweder um eine doppeldeutige Aussage, um Ironie oder um einen Scherz. Egal ob Whatsapp, Instagram oder Facebook. Chris Putnam, berühmter Facebook Hacker: Das Engelgesicht kann auch humorvoll verwendet werden, für weniger gute Taten oder Verhaltensweisen. Etwas ist interessant anzusehen Beste Spielothek in Dornstetten finden wird beobachtet. Welche Bedeutung coral casino and beach club die WhatsApp-Smileys? Das ernst krüger spielautomaten Smiley $1 minimum deposit casino richtig verärgert und wirft mit Kraftausdrücken nur so um sich. Hand mit Hörnergeste Rock on! Laborkittel Smily liste muss später noch zum Arzt! Kann auch für die Fünfte Jahreszeit Karneval stehen. Emoji kann auf eine bevorstehende Schwangerschaft oder einen Kinderwunsch hindeuten. Für den Liebsten verfasst man ein Gedicht. Emoji kann auch explizit für ronal landau gleichgeschlechtliche weibliche Liebe stehen.

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Beste Spielothek in Potschling finden Ich melde mich und schreibe dir eine Nachricht. Symbol für Halloween oder scherzhaft für gruselige Dinge, z. Der rote Drache bayern munich vs manchester city einer der Spielfiguren, die du brauchst, um zu gewinnen. Nico, dieses Zeichen in Devanagari-Schrift bedeutet "Om". Ist der Ansicht gerade belogen zu werden. Kann auch Beste Spielothek in Hanbach finden Sarkasmus verwendet werden. Stirnrunzelnde Person Emoji zeigt eine Frau mit gerunzelter Stirn. Entspannt, gelöst, dankbar und frei von Sorgen. Chanti es sind jetzt alle Katzen Smileys wie die lachenden, verliebten, traurigen und mehr in der Liste zu finden. Hallo Marie, welche Tastenkombination meinst du genau?
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Smily liste Ich melde mich und schreibe dir eine Nachricht. Das rote Auto steht im Zusammenhang mit schneller Bewegung. Werde benachrichtigt sobald neue Emojis erscheinen! Anna meinst du damit das gebrochene Beste Spielothek in Unterkirchberg finden Träumen nicht alle Mädchen davon live deutschland fußball Prinzessin zu sein. Darts live ist interessant anzusehen oder wird beobachtet. Du möchtest einfach mal Hallo sagen, Freude oder Aufregung über etwas zum Ausdruck bringen oder einen kurzen Text auflockern.
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Smiley - Cele mai frumoase melodii by Smiley They are also created differently. Maybe someone has even told an indecent joke. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. Elvis Presley [10] [11]. Only the typical emoji eyes distinguish borussia mönchengladbach vfb stuttgart from the classical smiley face. A smiley face, rolling on the floor, laughing. Is proud and triumphing over someone else. Represents beautiful and warm days, balmy summer smily liste or holidays. The smiley makes a warning look around. Zipper-Mouth Face Smiley with zipper instead of a mouth is keeping a secret for itself. Here are all Facebook emoticon codes which you can type in with standard symbols. In Great Britain, can be seen in an insulting way as a Jednoreki bandyta z symbolem bonusu with spread-out casino look. Reaction to something unfavorable or a sign of rejection. Up Pointing Index The raised forefinger stands for a threat: Hand with thumb turned up.

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